Regarding CVTCTBL: 
I already confessed my error and corrected it in a post subsequent to when 
I posted that error.
The laws of physics make it kind of unlikely that one would be able to 
post a fix to an append before the post of the append with the error.
Sometimes it is just necessary to hope that folks see the correction.

Regarding both of the anchor tables: slots 1009-1024 are reserved for 
customer usage (i.e., the owner of the system), in whatever way they 
choose. Those slots will never be "given out". I do agree that it's 
unfortunate that 30+ years ago I named the fields with "customer" in both 
the description and in the "C" of "CTBL". Perhaps I was thinking that 
ISV's are customers too.

Peter Relson
z/OS Core Technology Design

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