Dear Icinga 2 users,

I would like to hear if any of you have some ideas or recommendations regarding 
monitoring of services from both internal and external network.

For instance I monitor several web services from my internal network (primarily 
checked via my master server) but I would also like to monitor the same 
services from outside my internal network as sometimes firewall / ISP / DNS 
errors might make services inaccessible for external users but still accessible 
from the inside. And as such the monitoring will not show the full picture.

I have attached a 4G modem to a node as I am unable to attach this to my master 
server which resides as a virtual server inside a data center. So this node 
will have two network addresses. One for internal network and one for the 
external network.

This is about as far as I am right now… But I would love to get some thoughts, 
help, and recommendations before I venture further down the road 😊

Thanks a lot in advance,

Kasper Løvschall
Senior Adviser  | The University Library

Phone: (+45) 99 40 73 03  |  Mobile: (+45) 28 95 91 29  |  Email:<>  |  Web:<>
Aalborg University Library  |  Langagervej 2  |  9220 Aalborg Ø  |  Denmark

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