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> 2. What are you seeing in the "Performance Data" section for the
> host "test-target" and its "ping4" and/or "ping6" service in Icinga
> Web 2? Are the thresholds the ones you set (like in the below
> screenshot) for all two/three (this probably won't work if you
> haven't enabled perfdata)?

No, the thresholds were the default ones. I now define the thresholds
in the host, not in the services (ping4 and ping6) and now,
"Performance Data" show the right thersholds, and the services ping4
and ping6 are not longer in CRITICAL state. Thanks for the tip, but I
still don't really understand what's going on.

> The output of your command querying the service object showing
> variables of some (what?) service

It was for ping4.

> Defining the variables for the service object will not affect the
> host object and thus the 'hostalive' check, so there should be
> "DOWN" alerts for the "test-target" host, but not for its
> "ping4"/"ping6" service (provided the variables have actually been
> applied to the service, not the host).

Well, this is not what I see. Host was always up (despite the long RTT)
but the services were in CRITICAL state. Just defining the host
variables apparently fixed it.
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