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> OK, part of the problem came from the fact that I thought templates
> were automatically exported to clients when:
> object Zone "global-templates" {
>   global = true
> }
> and my templates contained the thresholds.

Only if those templates exist under the "global-templates" zone :(

> But it is not sufficient. If I add the thresholds in
> /etc/icinga/zones.d/global-templates/templates.conf, things work. Test
> on remote clients are commplicated :-(


I find the whole concept (and definition) of "zones" in Icinga2 quite confusing 
(especially given the examples in the documentation for zones called "Europe", 
"USA" and "Asia" https://www.icinga.com/docs/icinga2/latest/doc/06-
distributed-monitoring/ ).

In many cases, an Icinga2 "zone" is only allowed to contain a single machine, 
and yet the normal language definition of a "zone" would be that it covers 
several machines - maybe in a data centre, maybe on a continent, maybe in a 
business group, whatever - but Icinga2 seems to regard a "zone" as simply "the 
machines which are monitored by *this* Icinga2 instance" (thereby resulting in 
every client machine with its own Icinga2 installation as being the only 
machine in its own "zone").

The "global-templates" zone is a special case, but only in the sense that 
everything it contains is replicated out to all satellite and client Icinga2 

You still need to put everything you would like to be sent to those machines 
into the "global-templates" zone directory, and in a widespread and reasonably 
diverse network, you may well find that this means almost everything except 
your actual host definitions has to be in there (otherwise you lose commonality 
across your different subnets / data centres / continents / business groups / 

I think you learned something useful today.  The global-templates directory 
has to actually contain all the templates you want to be global - it's not 
just a definition that "I'd like all my templates to be global, please" :)


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