I think that by now I've made my points and defended them adequately and 
that there is little more to be acheived by continuing a public,
and largely personal, point-by-point argument.  If you want to continue 
this in private mail I'll consider it.

The simple fact is that I believe that the idea of interception proxies 
does not have sufficient technical merit to be published by IETF, and 
that IETF's publication of a document that tends to promote the use 
of such devices would actually be harmful to Internet operation and 
its ability to support applications.  Reasonable people can disagree
about the utility of an idea and I certainly don't expect that my 
notion of the utility of interception proxies will be accepted by everyone.
(especially not folks who are making money by selling these things...)
But I thought it was valuable to try to raise awareness about the issue.


p.s. I think the term you're looking for is "nihil obstat".

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