>> Anyone know whether Opera has microphone upload yet?
> More to the point, does anyone care?

Well, sure, Opera probably cares whether they have a feature that 
Tim Berners-Lee claims is an integral part of the HTML standard, 
but hasn't yet been implemented by any of their competitors:


Over 150 people have told me, using a web-based endorsement form, 
that they want the elegant symmetry that general device input and 
upload would provide.  Traditionally, helper applications for 
browsers have handled output presentation.  The same facilities can
be used for input from any number of sources and uploaded using 
standard form submission.  This will enable interoperability that 
closed cartels can not, with much greater customer approval.

Anyone whose life would be enriched by ease in implementing and 
performing media upload, be it audio, video, images, text editor 
files, or even raw serial input should care, even if they do not at 
present.  One of the strongest supporters is a Professor of 
Linguistics at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, who probably 
means a lot of potential sales, given the number of cadets that he 
is responsible for teaching spoken languages to.

Those who wish to register their support are encouraged to vote:


on this Mozilla feature request:



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