On 01/14/2014 05:17 PM, Robert Gordon wrote:
Installing 0.9.19 overtop of and Athena works fine.

Installing 0.9.19 clean (deleting demeter directory under appdata/roaming)
2nd attempt to open file in DAthena results in only 1 mini-graph.

Ranges are 0 for Emin/max, kmin/max, Rmin/max - putting a valid range
full graph e.g. Rmin = 0 , Rmax = 6 gives full-size R-space
graph...ditto for fixing other
ranges. Fixed 3 out of 4 and read in a new file...obtained 3
mini-graphs...reset q range
as well and that one appears too.

Thank you Robert.  This is very helpful information.


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