Thanks for the response! 

For clarification, I'm not really trying to re-normalize the normalized data, 
which is flattened in this case. However, I'm having (terminal) difficulty 
extracting the EXAFS from the normalized groups, because I can't seem to get 
the program to pass a spline through it (even though the spline will pretty 
much be a straight line) and gimme my EXAFS!

All caution will of course be applied in the use of said EXAFS, if I can get 
that far...!

Cheers, thanks again,


> On Oct 15, 2016, at 1:25 PM, Anatoly Frenkel <> 
> wrote:
> I would try to rename .norm by .xmu and see if it will be able to do what you 
> want.
> I would still be cautious doing it because .norm means that the raw data was 
> already altered (pre-edge function was subtrated and slope changed).
> Doing anything like that is possible but not wise because it is not 
> guaranteed that you would obtain the same result as when you start from the 
> raw data directly.
> For example, suppose "norm1" is normalization operation with one set of 
> parameters, and "norm2" - with another. Xmu is the raw absorption coefficient 
> data (obtained from the ratio of detector signals).
> It is not likely that norm2 (xmu) will give the same results as 
> norm2(norm1(xmu)), although the differences may be small. That is the reason, 
> I think, Athena does not allow any ex post factum normalization to the 
> normalized data.
> Anatoly Frenkel
> Stony Brook University
>> On Oct 15, 2016 4:10 PM, "Mike Massey" <> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Apologies if this has been covered before, I'm just getting around to 
>> upgrading to Demeter. I have a bunch of old project files with a mishmash of 
>> data from different sources, and I'm having trouble getting them to work 
>> fully with the new software.
>> Any group with a data type of "xmu" (energy space) seems to work as 
>> expected, but any group with a data type of "norm" (normalized data) doesn't 
>> seem to work properly when it comes to spline or post-edge background 
>> subtraction (which is handy if I want to do LCF, for example). Is this a bug 
>> or a feature? Has anybody yet developed a workaround?
>> Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. The ultimate workaround 
>> is to use different data, but I'd like to use existing projects if possible 
>> (saves a lot of time and brain damage).
>> Cheers, and thanks!
>> Mike
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