On 12/01/2016 01:20 PM, mfehse wrote:

and am now able to launch the athena and it seems to work, however i
still get the error message:
"Could not find Larch Server -- falling back to Ifeffit"
is this something i should care about?


It's a message that will eventually go away. Right now, Matt and I are working on migrating to Larch. This week we have been figuring out how to make Athena's interaction with Larch work reliably. That message is there so that I know what is going on while I am working on the code. In this case, it is Demeter telling you that it is gracefully recognizing that you do not have Larch installed.

If you don't want to be looking at the head of the main branch, then you could download the zip file for the most recently tagged release:


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