It is trivially easy to forge the visible ‘From’ address on any email; this is, 
after all, why I apparently send myself spam all the time 8-) Email addresses 
are harvestable from all sorts of places (or heck even just synthesized. Back 
when we had a more hands-on approach to managing spam here we would routinely 
see long lists of names with ‘’ attached, regardless of 
whether or not the accounts referenced actually existed. )

If you have enabled junk filters in your mail client (and/or use any of the 
online email services, who also tend to have effective spam filtering) the next 
most effective anti-spam strategery is: the delete key. delete it and move on. 
I vaguely remember seeing something like this email, to be honest I didn’t even 
really pay attention to what folder it landed in (which would be related to the 
list address per my account rules), just went “Well this is dumb” and hit the 
delete key.

More traffic is usually generated on mailing lists complaining about errant 
spam than the actual spam itself, often by several orders of magnitude.

On May 16, 2018, at 5:49 PM, W.Adrian D'Alessio 
<<>> wrote:

I visited the iMac list page ( which Google calls a group )

I do not see anything on there about a Saudi .

Bruce Johnson
University of Arizona
College of Pharmacy
Information Technology Group

Institutions do not have opinions, merely customs

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