We too ran version 8.x until just recently because we couldn't afford
the newer hardware that subsequent versions required. My users have been
very happy with the transition. The new interface is great.
I've only had one department make a complaint. They are using the iMail
servers with their accounting software to email information to vendors,
etc... With version 8.x they were able to keep a copy of all outgoing
email in the sent folder of the user account that I had their accounting
software use. With the new version, nothing is being kept in the sent
folder on the iMail server even though we have the account set to do


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As one of the hold-outs that stayed with IMail version 8 a very very
long time,  I have to give kudos to Ipswitch for version 10.1.  We
upgraded a few days ago and aside from a couple small issues (my fault),
the process went smoothly.  So far my customers have responded
positively and we're happy with the admin interface. I've been with
IMail for a very long time and am glad I stuck with it.


One question.  On the webmail login screen, the prompt is labeled
"Username".  In the previous version, we changed that prompt to "Email
Address" and it greatly reduced support calls.  I can't seem to find a
way to change this prompt in version 10.1.  Is there a way to do this?
If not, can someone please put this on the wish list for future updates?





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