Hello all,

I was just wondering if this is only happening on my server… Go to the
webmail interface, login and access one of the folder (any folder containing
Type anything in the search field and press enter.  It will ask if you want
to delete everything in the current folder.
Since every time I’m using search pressing enter send the request, I press
enter a little to quickly and it “doubled enter” confirming that I wanted to
delete everything in my Inbox… 

I’m using Pop3 so it’s no big deal since everything was already in my mail
client software but I use my iPhone and Imap to keep track of my recent
message… it’s now all gone…

So, is this normal behavior that everyone else get and expect or is it just
me?  If this is normal behavior, anyone thinks it should be different?

Vincent Toussaint
VP Technology / VP Technologie

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