I have a lite gateway client that uses a database of IPs locations to screen out any countries before they get to iMail. Really cut down on the CPU load and still works well with Message Sniffer.

The process might be used to screen any activity from Nigeria since the IP address is a factor in both sending and receiving.

On Jan 5, 2009, at 6:24 AM, David E. Smith wrote:

Lately, I've had a rash of attackers from Nigeria, who have acquired (through whatever means) legitimate logins and passwords for my Imail users. They log in, send out a couple thousand emails, and log out. There are no failed logins, so even an over-zealous account lockout policy wouldn't work in this instance.

They only send to five or ten recipients at a time, so they avoid most of the rate-limiting features. But through the magic of cut-and- paste, they're able to get a few thousand messages an hour sent out.

All the attackers come from IP space listed on ng.blackholes.us, and I'm willing to annoy any legitimate users of mine that might be vacationing in Lagos.

Anyone know of a way to apply DNS blacklists to a Web site in IIS, comparable to mod_dnsbl for Apache?

David Smith

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