Hello Everyone -

I guess 'tis the season for smart phones?  I have had several people over
the past week email and call with questions about setting up smart phones to
get their email.  This isn't totally uncommon, but in the past they emailed
me for their settings and then had the provider help them set it up.  Now
they are coming to me.  I'm sure I could figure it out, but it got me
thinking about what the "typical" way of setting them up is.  Are people
POPing mail to their phone?  Leaving a copy on the server for their desktop?
Using IMAP?  

I have one person in the process now.  They had been getting everything to
their desktop, and would like that to be an option.  So I said we may want
to use IMAP for both then.  However if we had a large amount of people
suddenly do this, I would wonder what hit the server would take?

Thanks for any thoughts!


PS - Still running Imail 8.2x

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