On Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 15:00, Zsolt Ero <zsolt....@gmail.com> wrote:
> Yesterday I finally figured out how to get the grossing data out.

Good. :-)

> match = re.match(r"\$([1-9][0-9,]+)", movie['business']['gross'][0])
> gross = match.group()[1:]
> grossint = int(gross.replace(',', ''))

Ok, but keep in mind that the currency may be English pound
or anything else, also... (and I think it can be before the value
or even after)

> Do you say that you have implemented this now in the SVN?

No, the previous code introduced in the list things that were not
business information at all: I just stripped those.

> Also, can you help me how to get the English title of a movie, what is
> listed on the www site not on the aka site?

Hmmm... do they ever differ?  Do you have an example?

> Or to figure out which is the www title from the akas list?

I'd probably need to do some tests (and have at least an example
to work on).
Maybe you can use the list of akas and the 'guessLanguage' of
the Movie instances (it tries to guess the language of the title/movie),
but I'm not too sure.

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