Hi guys,

I'm posting here a question also posted recently on stackoverflow,

My doubt is, when I make a movie search by title in a another different
language than English, why the search is more precise if use HTTP access
than SQL ?

For example i want to retrieve info about the Movie "El gran Robo" (spanish
title) original title "Flypaper".

case 1) using SQL access

ia = IMDb(accessSystem='sql', uri = "mysql://devel:password@localhost/imdb")
movies = ia.search_movie("el gran robo")
for m in movies:
  print m['titles']

7 uomini e un cervello
El gran rabo
List item
Mathias Sandorf
La gran revista
Green River
Green River
The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper
La commare secca
La verte moisson
Granny R.I.P.
Rosso sangue
Green River Killer
Grammar Revolution
German Whorefare 4
Cuori in campo
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaping
case 2) using HTTP access

ia = IMDb()
movies = ia.search_movie("el gran robo")
for m in movies:
  print m['titles']

The Big Steal
El gran robo del tren
El gran robo de Lorenza
The Bank Job
The First Great Train Robbery
Grand Theft Auto
The Great Train Robbery
Hot Money
7 uomini e un cervello
The Great Missouri Raid
Le Great Dane Robbery
El gran río
Después del gran robo
Gran-Robo tonda
As you can see, the search with HTTP returned the right Movie, Flypaper.

Is it possible get the same results using SQL ?

Thanks in advance.
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