On Fri, Jan 6, 2017 at 4:32 PM, Gonzalo Martinez <i...@gamartto.com> wrote:
> I ran "pip install pymssql" and it is working now but it makes me wonder why
> it did not install when running "pip install imdbpy" in the first place?

Hi, and pardon the long delay.

That's normal: the dependency is on the ORM (sqlobect or sqlalchemy),
not on the specific driver to access a database, that depends on which
system you are on and which db you want to access.

> Now, I have some issues because the following line "imdbpy2sql.py -d
> S:/imdbData/ -u
> mssql://GMDATASERVER\Administrator:Pa$$w0rd@GMDATASERVER/imdbGM
> --ms-sqlserver" stalled an is stuck at this point...

Unfortunately I have no experience on this db.
Maybe you can try without the --ms-sqlserver argument, which by the way
executes some commands at specific times.


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