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> The two suggested option might not applicable in my case, where the complete
> schema information (primary keys and foreign keys) is most important to me.

The main hint was to follow the fix proposed by Roberto Larcher.

I quote:

To solve the issue I commented the line
params['local_infile'] = 1

inside the fucntion

of the alchemyadapter.py file.

In my system the file is located in the following directory:

I don't know if this will influence other processes but after this
modification the imdbpy2sql.py script is correctly running

Note that my mysql server is configured in order to allow local infile command.

> Do you know if any of the old version of imdbpy has no such bugs?

I'm not convinced it's a problem in IMDbPY (well, besides for how it
uses third-party libraries),
SQLAlchemy or SQLObject.
I think it's more due to the settings of MySQL and/or the Python
mysqldb library.

Anyway, it's a bug that must be fixed, at some point...

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