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> Just wondering if there is a list of data points that are retrievable using
> IMDbPY. Specifically, wondering if there is a way to pull by user rating, or
> number of users who rated a film.

Hi Anthony,
not exactly: data are grouped in 'info sets' based on the web page (or
table) you can
find them on, and a simple page/table can obviously contains a lot of

Let's say that we have the usual ia handler:
from imdb import IMDb
ia = IMDb()

You can now know which info sets are available:

(there are matching methods for company, person, character)

Now, let's fetch information about a movie:
m = ia.get_movie('0078748')

You can add a new info set to the available information with:
ia.update(m, 'trivia')

To know which info set are now available:

You can also associate info sets to keys:

(unfortunately, you can't do it before fetching a data set.  I.e.:
there's no fixed association
between info sets and keys)

That's more or less everything.

Hope this helps,

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