Now that the test skeleton is in the repository (the codename-simplify
branch), it would be very helpful if more people could contribute with
tests. The testing code is quite simple, here's an example from the
person main details page tests:

def test_name_should_be_canonical(person_main_details):
    page = person_main_details('keanu_reeves')
    data = parser.parse(page)['data']
    assert data['name'] == 'Reeves, Keanu'

The body of every test function is like that. Get the page, run through
the parser, check the result. I have written the functions for getting
the movie combined details page and the person main details page. I will
add the other types of pages soon or I can add one when anyone needs it.

The current tests are here:


What needs to be done is as follows:

1. Select something that hasn't been tested yet.

2. Select a person (or movie, or company etc) page that can be used to
test it.

3. If not already there, add its IMDb id to the relevant dictionary in
the conftest.py file (MOVIES, PEOPLE).

4. Figure out the name of the key in the result and write an assert to
check for the correct value.

Having more tests would increase our confidence in the parsers,
especially after the port to Python3. Any contributions would be greatly



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