I'm trying to retrieve the cast for a movie.


I've taken the example in the readme:


#!/usr/bin/env python3


import imdb

i =  imdb.IMDb(accessSystem='http')

movie = i.get_movie('0075860')


    # Get the 7th Person object in the cast list

cast = movie['cast'][6]

    # Will print "Warren J. Kemmerling"

print (ast['name'])

    # Will print "Wild Bill"

print (cast.currentRole)

    # Will print "(as Warren Kemmerling)"

print (cast.notes)


    # Get the 5th Person object in the list of writers

writer = movie['writer'][4]

    # Will print "Steven Spielberg"

print (writer['name'])

    # Will print "written by", because that was duty of Steven Spielberg,

    # as a writer for the movie.

print (writer.notes)


However, I get the following error:


File "./test.py", line 8, in <module>

    cast = movie['cast'][6]

  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.4/dist-packages/imdb/utils.py", line 1468, in

    rawData = self.data[key]

KeyError: 'cast'


Please advise how I get the cast for a movie.


Many thanks.

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