since the end of 2017 IMDb is not updating the old dataset
files anymore.
It was replace with a new set of files, with much less information
in it, but at least much easier to parse.

Today I've committed on master the support for this new
dataset (I've called it "s3", since initially the files were
distributed only on AWS S3).

The usage is very similar to the old "sql" data access system;
it's still based on SQLAlchemy, and uses a custom script to
import the files: bin/s32imdbpy.py in this case.

The code is still a bit immature, but all (?) the features should be here.

For all the information, see:

Anyone interested in using this new dataset can now try it
(cloning the version from the repository) and let us know
if something is broken.

I've not too clear the status of the http parsers, but I'll probably
do a new major release (6.3) soon, since this is a major feature.

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