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I hear what you are saying.
Mea culpa.
You were correct that the browser was the problem. I checked it in
Firefox and there is no space between the body text and the attachment.
I have shared a screen grab of my google version.

I'm using Groupware 5.2.6
Imp H5 (6.2.8)
Winodws 10 Updated today

Still top-posting.. but hey..

Ok. So it's a browser issue.  Or maybe a standards compatibility problem..
you may still need to run the stack-trace.  Especially if you'd like to
contribute to the community.

But now I'm out of my depth now (not technical, sorry!).


From time to time I have this issue too. It's the problem of certain html messages. In chromium the iframe for the message view gets a height of 2437 pixels. That's why there is a space between the message body and the attachments. Firefox delivers much smaller iframe heights: <iframe class="htmlMsgData" id="SnggSMLY5m54UMSbEKiPN7M" src="javascript:false" style="height: 248px;" frameborder="0">

As far as I understand the iframe height depends on the available width for the message view and is generated on message load. It seems that chromium is misinterpreting the message length and delivers an oversized iframe height.

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