Hello all,

I get a lot of html email, and I have my preference set to reply using the same format as the original message.  When I go to reply to these emails with imp, the reply is badly formatted.  There are multiple line breaks everywhere within the response, and I have to actually edit the original email to make it not look so slopy and unprofessional. 

This doesn't happen in Outlook or Thunderbird, so I'm pretty certain it's in the way imp is interpreting the message, but I don't have any real way to prove that other than what I see in how the email response is formatted.  Has anyone found a fix or permanent workaround for this?  How else are others dealing with it?  I had seen a suggestion a while back in the archives, but that suggestion would then be broken upon the new code upgrade.  I had tested this a while back with the GIT checkout I had, and saw the same behavior.

Thank you in advance,

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