Our neighbors at Sitco posted a good article on Microsoft updates in Windows 
10.  i shared it on the MTIN Facebook page.  In case you missed it.

Microsoft has changed the way updates work on Windows 10. You no longer have 
the ability to start or stop the updates. It automatically downloads the 
updates, and will use all of the speed of your connection while downloading. 
This causes customers to think the internet is either slow or not working.
You can check to see if the computer is updating by clicking on the Start Menu, 
Settings, and Update and Security. This is the only way to know it is doing the 
If the computer goes to sleep, or the lid of a laptop is closed, the computer 
will “pause” the download until the next time the computer is awoken. This can 
cause updates to take days or longer to complete, and often times by that point 
another round is ready to be downloaded.
This is a great source of frustration for our customers, and we receive 
multiple calls a day related to this issue.
We recommend you contact Microsoft at 1-800-642-7676 to let them know you would 
like the ability to control updates again.

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