Thanks, Chadwell ji.

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These images are difficult to name.

Within the overall "clump" of vegetation, I can say with confidence that
there is a single plant of
the *Primula macrophylla* complex which I have recently posted for example
found in Ladalh are likely to be
*P.meeboldii* (though this name has yet to be formally published by Prof.
Arve Elvebakk, Norway) -
which is to the left of the photo less close-up (does not appear in the
close-up shot).  There are a number
plants with leaves with whitish hairs which I am speculating might prove to
be a *Saussurea*?  As for the one
or two other species amongst the 'clump', I am at present unsure.

But I suspect it is the 'reddish' plant, prominent in the close-up
image, which has caught the eye.   This is puzzling me at present.
Appears quite distinctive.

*Would be pleased if anyone has other suggestions.  Can be hard when there
are no flowers or*
*fruit to help!  If pressed specimens of such plants were collected and
deposited in a herbarium,*
*in all probability the staff would discard them as STERILE specimens i.e.
no flowers or fruits,*
*as unless they happen to have someone particularly knowledgeable on the
flora where the specimens*
*were collected, they would say there were NOT in a position to name the
material - it being too time consuming*
*to try.*

Best Wishes,

Chris Chadwell

81 Parlaunt Road

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Thanks, Saroj ji
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Dear Members,

Sharing some pictures shot on the way to Khardung La on 22 august 2014 at
around 15000 ft.

Thank you.

Saroj Kasaju

With regards,

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