Hi there,

I'm testing for feasibility of influxdb performance.

DB schema as following.
Measurements : 100
Series : 30M with one Tag and five fields.

Traffic generation : 30K write points data per second with wrk2 HTTP load 
generation tool.
Used influxdb default configuration but max cache memory was 50G.
32 Cores CPU, 512G physical memory, 2T SSD disk

As you can see the attachment, InfluxDB shard size shows big saw teeth, 
looks like fully compaction every 7~8 hour.
I hope that I can make it smaller it. *Is it configurable?*

Actually it seems affect write and query blocking because InfluxDB perform 
any compaction after that Go routines is increased up to 20 times,
at that time the 'PointReq' is 0 for long time up to 15 Min.

Thank you in advance

Remember to include the InfluxDB version number with all issue reports
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