On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 7:13:02 AM UTC+10, everyonel...@gmail.com 
> What I did was download the latest zip, unzip to some local drive.  Started 
> up by double click on the influxd.exe with no modify to the influxdb.conf 
> file.  You should be able to reproduce this.  Thanks.

Hi, I'm running on Windows 10 and had this error until I set the environmental 
variable HOME to the directory that stores the executables, not the full path 
of the executable as you have posted.

So try again with 'set home=E:\influxdb-1.0.1_windows_amd64\influxdb-1.0.1-1' 
and it should work for you.

Hope this helps.

Remember to include the version number!
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