I was wondering if someone out there could offer some advice on setting up 
a CQ for my system.  It would appear CQs might not be powerful enough to 
accomplish what i'm after, but im still new-ish to influx so maybe im wrong?

I have a system where multiple nodes out in the world transmit packets of 
data once per minute, that contain 60 samples each, 1 for each second.  The 
data is received and stored in influxdb.  Note that this packet of 60 
samples from a given node could be received at any time over the minute. 
Thus, from influx's perspective there could be up to 1 minute of latency 
before receiving the next 60 seconds of data with respect to the start of 
each new minute.

With this set up, I would like to have a CQ perform a 20second median on 
the second by second data.

However it would seem that the latency of my system poses a problem to CQ 
usage. It would seem that CQ's  need to execute within the vicinity of 
now() and  for my case would occur on a 20second clock boundary.  Given my 
setup, there would be many cases where the data simply hasnt arrived yet 
when the query ran due to my 1 minute latency.  I tried adding an offset in 
the GROUP BY time(), but this doesnt seem to work (as expected after 
reading the docs, 

Below is an example of one of the many queries I have tried:

median(aa) AS aa INTO foomeas FROM barmeas GROUP BY time(20s, -60s),*  END

Is there any way to make CQs work with my system given the latency?

I suspect it would work if I were computing 5 minute medians as I could 
then offset by -1m, but that is not what i'm after.  Or maybe im confused.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


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