Hi, I'm new to kapacitor. I tried to follow the steps in custom anomaly 
detection example 

However, I don't see any alert log files after running the task. 

The data stream seems to be empty after running the test data generator,

ID                                      Type    Status    Size      Date        
8724ca17-7ff5-4694-8b66-aae14d4be7f4    stream  running   0 B       18 Oct 16 
10:28 CDT    

Here's output from "kapacitor show print_temps". It seems some events were 
processed but no alerts were logged.

    "link": {
        "rel": "self",
        "href": "/kapacitor/v1/tasks/print_temps"
    "id": "print_temps",
    "template-id": "",
    "type": "stream",
    "dbrps": [
            "db": "printer",
            "rp": "autogen"
    "script": "// This TICKscript monitors the three temperatures for a 3d 
printing job,\n// and triggers alerts if the temperatures start to experience 
abnormal behavior.\n\n// Define our desired significance level.\nvar alpha = 
0.001\n\n// Select the temperatures measurements\nvar data = stream\n    
|from()\n        .measurement('temperatures')\n    |window()\n        
.period(5m)\n        .every(5m)\n\ndata\n    // Run our tTest UDF on the hotend 
temperature\n    @tTest()\n        // specify the hotend field\n        
.field('hotend')\n        // Keep a 1h rolling window\n        .size(3600)\n    
    // pass in the alpha value\n        .alpha(alpha)\n    |alert()\n        
.id('hotend')\n        .crit(lambda: \"pvalue\" \u003c alpha)\n        
.log('/tmp/test/hotend_failure.log')\n\n// Do the same for the bed and air 
temperature.\ndata\n    @tTest()\n        .field('bed')\n        .size(3600)\n  
      .alpha(alpha)\n    |alert()\n        .id('bed')\n        .crit(lambda: 
\"pvalue\" \u003c alpha)\n        .log('/tmp/test/bed_failure.log')\n\ndata\n   
 @tTest()\n        .field('air')\n        .size(3600)\n        .alpha(alpha)\n  
  |alert()\n        .id('air')\n        .crit(lambda: \"pvalue\" \u003c 
alpha)\n        .log('/tmp/test/air_failure.log')\n",
    "vars": {},
    "dot": "digraph print_temps {\ngraph [throughput=\"0.00 
points/s\"];\n\nstream0 [avg_exec_time_ns=\"0\" ];\nstream0 -\u003e from1 
[processed=\"86402\"];\n\nfrom1 [avg_exec_time_ns=\"225.328µs\" ];\nfrom1 
-\u003e window2 [processed=\"86402\"];\n\nwindow2 
[avg_exec_time_ns=\"160.576µs\" ];\nwindow2 -\u003e tTest7 
[processed=\"288\"];\nwindow2 -\u003e tTest5 [processed=\"288\"];\nwindow2 
-\u003e tTest3 [processed=\"288\"];\n\ntTest7 
[avg_exec_time_ns=\"196.929082ms\" ];\ntTest7 -\u003e alert8 
[processed=\"214\"];\n\nalert8 [alerts_triggered=\"9\" 
avg_exec_time_ns=\"9.05µs\" crits_triggered=\"6\" infos_triggered=\"0\" 
oks_triggered=\"3\" warns_triggered=\"0\" ];\n\ntTest5 
[avg_exec_time_ns=\"179.950039ms\" ];\ntTest5 -\u003e alert6 
[processed=\"211\"];\n\nalert6 [alerts_triggered=\"4\" 
avg_exec_time_ns=\"23.838µs\" crits_triggered=\"3\" infos_triggered=\"0\" 
oks_triggered=\"1\" warns_triggered=\"0\" ];\n\ntTest3 
[avg_exec_time_ns=\"114.502568ms\" ];\ntTest3 -\u003e alert4 
[processed=\"214\"];\n\nalert4 [alerts_triggered=\"4\" 
avg_exec_time_ns=\"43.406µs\" crits_triggered=\"2\" infos_triggered=\"0\" 
oks_triggered=\"2\" warns_triggered=\"0\" ];\n}",
    "status": "enabled",
    "executing": true,
    "error": "",
    "stats": {
        "task-stats": {
            "throughput": 0
        "node-stats": {
            "alert4": {
                "alerts_triggered": 4,
                "avg_exec_time_ns": 43406,
                "collected": 214,
                "crits_triggered": 2,
                "emitted": 0,
                "infos_triggered": 0,
                "oks_triggered": 2,
                "warns_triggered": 0
            "alert6": {
                "alerts_triggered": 4,
                "avg_exec_time_ns": 23838,
                "collected": 211,
                "crits_triggered": 3,
                "emitted": 0,
                "infos_triggered": 0,
                "oks_triggered": 1,
                "warns_triggered": 0
            "alert8": {
                "alerts_triggered": 9,
                "avg_exec_time_ns": 9050,
                "collected": 214,
                "crits_triggered": 6,
                "emitted": 0,
                "infos_triggered": 0,
                "oks_triggered": 3,
                "warns_triggered": 0
            "from1": {
                "avg_exec_time_ns": 225328,
                "collected": 86402,
                "emitted": 86402
            "stream0": {
                "avg_exec_time_ns": 0,
                "collected": 86402,
                "emitted": 86402
            "tTest3": {
                "avg_exec_time_ns": 114502568,
                "collected": 220,
                "emitted": 214
            "tTest5": {
                "avg_exec_time_ns": 179950039,
                "collected": 217,
                "emitted": 211
            "tTest7": {
                "avg_exec_time_ns": 196929082,
                "collected": 221,
                "emitted": 214
            "window2": {
                "avg_exec_time_ns": 160576,
                "collected": 86402,
                "emitted": 864
    "created": "2016-10-17T21:33:16.176203257-05:00",
    "modified": "2016-10-18T10:28:00.685262934-05:00",
    "last-enabled": "2016-10-18T10:28:00.685262934-05:00"

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