I have to check the commited branch, but the commitinfo
actually gives nothing else but the file name.
The loginfo has more infos, but it cannot make the commit
fail. Thus, I have modified the src/commit.c file with 
these three lines:

>       run_arg (li->rev_old);
>       run_arg (li->tag);
>       run_arg ((li->type == T_ADDED)?"A":(li->type == T_REMOVED)?"R":"M");

Any comment? Any remark, I have missed something in doc/faqs I can
use for this check instead of modifying the commit.c sources ?

The effect is that you can retrieve the old revision, the (possible) tag
and the type of the file as an arg of the commitinfo called script.
Of course (thanks CVS) the script is run on the server side.

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