Thanks for you answer. I tested through cyradm an was able to do the trick.
renm user.test user.test spoolX
moves user.test to another spool.

I sent a mail and consulted the mbox using imp/horde while doing the move
and saw nothing bad.

Good job!



2010/4/6 Sebastian Hagedorn <>

> Hi,
> --On 6. April 2010 15:54:20 +0200 LALOT Dominique <>
> wrote:
>  We have reached rapidly the size of one spool and we want to migrate some
>> mailboxes to another spool. What is the best way to do that?
>> It would be nice that ltmp reports a temporary failure when moving in
>> order to keep the incoming mail in the smtp spool.
> it does.
>  And also a way to
>> prevent the user from working on the moving data on the imap/pop side
>> Is there a way to do that?
> Just RENAME the folder. We run a cronjob at night that does this. It greps
> in /var/lib/imap/proc to make sure there is no active process for the user
> to be moved, but AFAIK that's not absolutely necessary.
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