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I'm running an email server for 40 users on cyrus-imad 2.6 on CentOS 6, with postfix 2.2.6. Our email client is Thunderbird. I tried to set up a shared mailbox using a howto found here: http://wiki.linuxwall.info/doku.php/en:ressources:dossiers:cyrus:shared_mailbox. Based on that info, I set altnamespace to yes in imapd.conf, and that caused problems for the Tbird clients; it acted as though it had never seen the user's mailboxes before and needed to reload all of the existing email headers in all folders!  That was especially true for the Sent folder which Tbird could not find for a while and kept throwing errors, although it sent the email. Also the display of the users Inbox changed in the Tbird folder listings to appear as a "subscribed" folder rather than the user's INBOX.

After about 36 hours things settled down and is now behaving normally for most users, however I have 2 users that cannot see the contents of their INBOX. The email is there, and they are receiving normally, but just not visible in Tbird. All other subfolders are there and the contents visible.

I don't see anything unusual in maillog for the 2 users. I've tried completely removing their Thunderbird installation then reinstalling, inbox contents appears initially then disappears! Any thoughts as to what's to do here are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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