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> Dan Christensen <j...@uwo.ca> writes:
>> I don't think your set-up makes sense.  I don't think it is possible
>> for offlineimap to ensure that the two IMAP servers use the same
>> internal message numbers when it copies messages.  And Gnus uses
>> these numbers to track things like unread status, so you shouldn't
>> use the same .newsrc.eld for the two servers.  If you don't
>> synchronize the .newsrc.eld, things should work fine.
> But only if I synchronize the .newsrc.eld file can I get the
> tick/dormant and so one flags consistent between the two machines

The following explains how to make offlineimap sync the custom
gnus flags:


> not to mention the nnml groups I also use.

That's a harder problem.  But if you use different server names for
the IMAP servers on the two machines, then maybe synchronizing the
.newsrc.eld won't cause a problem with IMAP.


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