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>> The coming cyber wars
>> Obama’s cyber strategy is missing the strategy
> Richard, this is a highly misleading article, and this is spotted by
> someone who lives abroad and is not a US citizen. Anyone who has even
> bothered to read "Inside Cyberwarfare" by J. Carr has seen what the US
> position on the matter is on chapter 4 which deals with the Law of
> Armed Conflict and Cyber Warfare (and issues like: When we are under
> cyber attack by a non-state actor residing at X, can we relaliate with
> the use of kinetic force?).
> Since the term "cyber weapon" is void when it referes to anything else
> than an actual operative, what would one expect to see? Of course the
> US has cyber weapons. And so does Russia and China and ~120 countries.
> Again chapter 10 from "Inside Cyberwarfare" deals with the military
> doctrine in the cyber space and the book was written in 2009. There
> stuff in there that we are now starting to see being deployed,
> including Stuxnet (which was found around the same time as chapter 4
> was written by a military officer) and the methods used for the RSA
> hack.
> So Clarke can rest assured: The US has cyber weapons of the finest calibre.

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