Some responses to today's G5 RFI.  More will be posted as they arrive.  And,
no, I do not want to buy a Dell dual-core Precision 670, as someone
suggested -- even if I did see OSX running on an Intel box today, which felt
somewhat surreal, I must admit.


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I'm waiting a few weeks for the bleeding edge adopters to find any potential
problems. Have looked through Apple's kbase and there are not yet any
entries for this machine. Apple's discussion forum can be found at:

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> Richard,
> I hope you've not been too swamped with responses.  I've tried to format
> mine in a useful manner.
> The G5 replaced an upgraded but old G4, so any new Mac is a major
> improvement.
> The bottom-of-the-line (aka "Good") G5 is no longer crippled as compared
> to its more expensive siblings.  Intel-based PowerMacs (if that's what
> they're to be called) will not be available for two years, and the jury
> is still out as to whether they will be A Good Thing.  The temptation
> begins...
> I bought my 400MHz G4 Sawtooth over five years ago.  It's been upgraded
> to an 800MHz processor, had its video card upgraded to a Radeon 8500,
> and had its RAM increased to 960MB, but it's still showing its age.
> I've done some video editing and a lot of sound editing as of late, so a
> dual core G5 looks even more appealing.
> I ordered my G5 on 10/30.  MacMall's base price is $1994.  I opted for
> the extra 1GB RAM ($159-$119 rebate) and 2GB iPod nano ($199-$194 rebate
> ($5 net!)).  There was also a $50 rebate on the machine, but that rebate
> would not work in conjunction with the nano rebate, and I figured I
> could get more than $50 for the nano on eBay.  There was a deal on
> shipping which resulted in UPS Ground being $25.  I received the machine
> about 60 hours after I ordered it.
> There were some minor punctures in the G5's box, but none that reached
> the contents.  UPS also seriously scuffed up the UPC.  I called MacMall
> to see if copies of an unreadable UPC would jeopardize rebate
> fulfillment; they said they would not.  (We'll see what happens in eight
> to ten weeks.)
> FIRST IMPRESSIONS (in no particular order)
> It's heavy - over 50 pounds.  I'd envisioned myself bounding up the
> stairs with my new machine, but it turned out to be more of a stagger.
> It comes with the pro keyboard and Mighty Mouse, as well as a number of
> applications.  (There was a time when consumer machines came with a
> better software set than pro machines, so this is an improvement.)
> The G5's case design is as appealing as my Sawtooth's.  The side removes
> instead of folding down, which is good in that you don't need space to
> fold it into, but bad in that parts of the motherboard are not as
> accessible.  Adding RAM requires sideways force instead of downward
> force.  Hard drive access is easier in the G5.
> Serial ATA is really fast.  It takes a second (give or take some
> milliseconds) to duplicate a 100MB file.
> Having ports on both the front and back is nice.
> I've not had a chance to really put the machine through its paces, but a
> rough estimate from the sound editing I did the other day suggests that
> more intensive tasks are performed about 6x faster on this machine than
> on my 800MHz Sawtooth.
> My home business has a small and tight budget, so spending $2000 was a
> big deal, but I'm pleased with my purchase thus far.  Having used Macs
> for over ten years, I'm familiar with how some models leave a positive
> legacy (Mac SE, PowerBook 5**) and some leave a negative legacy
> (Peforma, PowerBook 5300).  I agree with the negative assessment of the
> PB 5300, and I'd rank my Wallstreet II, Sawtooth, and G4 12" iBook
> toward the positive end.  I anticipate at this point that the dual core
> G5 will have a positive legacy, and that it won't be due solely to its
> possibly being the final pre-Intel PowerMac.
> I hope this was somewhat helpful.
> Thank you for your list.  It's a great resource.
> Have a good day.
> Kevin

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