TiVo to transfer shows to iPods, Sony PSP

By Laurie Flynn

Story last modified Sun Nov 20 22:30:00 PST 2005

TiVo, the maker of digital video recorders, plans to announce a new feature
on Monday that will let TiVo owners watch recorded television shows on Apple
Computer's video iPods and on Sony's handheld PSP game machine.

The announcement builds on TiVo's release in February of an update to its
video recorders that allows its users to transfer programs to personal
computers and DVDs, as well as to portable video players that support
Microsoft's mobile video format. When the company releases new software in
the first quarter of next year, it will extend that capability to the video
iPod, released last month, and the Sony PSP.

"This is another thing we can do to add value for our subscribers," said Jim
Denney, TiVo's vice president of product marketing. "We've seen reasonable
demand and interest from people to bring their videos with them."

TiVo recorders, which compete with similar devices offered by cable and
satellite television companies, allow users to automatically record
television programming, as well as pause and replay live broadcasts.
Subscribers to TiVo's service receive automatic updates to broadcast
schedules. The company has 3.6 million subscribers and says it is signing on
as many as 250,000 new ones each quarter.

When it released its TiVoToGo software in February, TiVo said it was
compatible with portable video devices made by Creative Technologies,
Samsung and other companies--players that have not been a hit with
consumers. By extending that capability to the video iPod and the popular
Sony PSP, TiVo is tapping into a market that is potentially much bigger.

Owners of the Apple or Sony devices will need to pay TiVo to unlock the
portion of the new software that converts videos to the MPEG-4 format used
by those players. While TiVo has not yet set the price for the software,
similar programs typically cost between $15 and $30, Denney said. The cost
will cover licensing fees and other expenses associated with using the
MPEG-4 format, he said.

The new TiVo software will also have a syncing feature that will allow
subscribers to choose whether they want new recordings of their favorite
programs transferred to their portable devices automatically via their PC.

Apple, which is not involved in TiVo's announcement, introduced the video
iPod last month and began selling music videos and programming from the Walt
Disney and Pixar.

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