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Here's a little musical biscuit you might want to choke down only once:
Symantec Revolution [2.6MB MP3], a song promoting Symantec (the people
behind Norton Antivirus) based on the 1991 hit Good Vibrations by Marky Mark
and the Funky Bunch.

The lyrics name-drop Symantec CEO John Thompson and boast of how "No-ki-a
and Chevron think we're tough!". Here's a sample from the breakdown:

    Enterprise is hot, I'm telling you
    Do we know e-commerce? You bet we do!
    Shelf space means the world to us
    'Cause our brands are causing quite a fuss

    (Bass!) We're the leader in internet security
    People trust our work implicitly
    This world-wide conference is to prove
    Symantec is hot, hot, hot, so raise the roof!

More info, and the MP3 of the song, if you're daring enough to listen to it,
can be found at: 

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