(This product, on CD, has saved my systems numerous times......rf)

TechTool Protege offers Mac utilities on flash drive

Peter Cohen - MacCentralFri Jan 6, 7:54 AM ET

Micromat Inc. has introduced TechTool Protege, a new Mac OS X
troubleshooting and diagnostic tool stored on a bootable 1GB Firewire-based
flash drive. TechTool Protege is shipping now but will make its public debut
at next week¹s Macworld Expo in San Francisco. It costs $229.

TechTool Protege combines the latest version of Mac OS X, the latest release
of Micromat¹s TechTool Pro, and a drive utility called Disk Studio. With
TechTool Protege in hand, you can boot a troubled computer, run diagnostic
software, and make adjustments or repairs as necessary.

You can diagnose the condition of the target Mac¹s hardware, repair and
diagnose hard drive problems, optimize and defragment the drive if
necessary, rebuild volume directories, attempt to recover data, repartition
drives without losing data and more, according to Micromat.

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