Microsoft blocking MP3s on Verizon Wireless phones?
Posted Jan 7th 2006 11:27AM by Barb Dybwad

So there seems to be some fallout from Verizon's music download service --
users who choose to "upgrade" their handsets to support the Verizon Wireless
music store are doing so at a tradeoff: you'll no longer be able to play
MP3s on your phone. The new phone software prevents you from playing MP3s on
the phone as a result of an agreement Verizon Wireless made with Microsoft,
the latter of whom stipulated that if the Verizon Wireless music store was
gonna fly at all, MS wanted to make sure that phones using it could only
play back Microsoft's audio format. Supposedly there is an internal memo
floating around at VZW Wireless saying that if anyone complains about the
new "featureset," they'll be given a refurbished phone with older firmware
to "correct" the "problem" -- but that users aren't being warned ahead of
time that they'll lose MP3 playing functionality by upgrading their phones.
Very tricksy, guys, very tricksy! You know, if the customer didn't always
come first with these big corps we'd really be in trouble, folks.

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