Verizon Slapped for Crippling Bluetooth

Verizon has been getting weasely with some of its customers in California
who bought its Motorola v710 Bluetooth-³capable² phone on or before January
31, 2005. Preliminary approval of the settlement was granted in a California
court for a class-action suit against the company because it didn¹t
accurately tell prospective customers that its Bluetooth features weren¹t
what they appeared to be. Verizon said the phone ³works with a PC² but left
out that part about how you can¹t wirelessly sync photos or contacts or any
other files using Bluetooth. Small detail, Verizon.

Customers who fell for the scheme will have their choice of a $25 credit,
the right to cancel the service without further fees along with a refund, or
credit toward a new handset if they want to stay with Verizon. Sounds like a
slap on the wrist to the telecom giant. Perhaps the company should be
required to state ³We Cripple Bluetooth² on all its advertisements. When, oh
when will this greedy, clueless company stop crippling Bluetooth? Verizon
should be setting up a website to handle the class-action claims soon. 

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