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> On 1 December 2016 at 09:43, Anton Marchukov <amarc...@redhat.com> wrote:
> > Hello All.
> >
> > Let's try not to over-complicate this. The error here we should care
> about
> > is "no more mirrors to try" Just use more than one mirror in yum
> > configuration in ovrit system tests. That's what we enabled in standard
> ci
> > and it works fine there (although we are not running this new config for
> a
> > long).
> This is IMO miss-diagnosing the issue - the problem is not a failed
> mirror - the problem is 404 on getting a metadata file from a mirror
> that was updated because you have a stale repomd.xml file on your
> local cache. Another mirror will not help there because it would
> probably be updated as well.
> You could also solve it by running 'yum clean' all the time but that
> would severely slow things down.
> The best solution is IMO to have our own "stable" mirror that _never_
> changes while jobs are running.

I also support this approach, it will probably speed up tests as well, and
its not too much work/overhead
just to add anew VM on PHX called mirrors.phx.ovirt.org and mirror there
any repo we use.

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