Maybe we need to use always the official release repo as fallback to tested?

In case a specific PKG failed to build and it's maintainer didn't make sure
to fix it and redeploy, it makes sense to get missing pkgs from latest
official release, as we do in OST.

Once the maintainer of the project will build a new image and it passes, it
will be in tested.

On Mar 6, 2018 14:02, "sbonazzo (oVirt JIRA)" <>


sbonazzo commented on OVIRT-1918:

I'm not sure that the bisection really works then, since we have still
packages released 2 months ago not yet landing on tested. I don't recall to
have seen any job triggered automatically after a change-queue-tester
failure doing bisection tests.

Single project tests in change-queue-tester

     Key: OVIRT-1918
 Project: oVirt - virtualization made easy
         Issue Type: By-EMAIL
Reporter: sbonazzo
Assignee: infra

Please change change-queue-tester jobs for testing a single project at a
time (ok for multiple patches at once, but from the same project). Right
now if multiple patches are merged between a change-queue-tester execution
and the next one are done, all of them will be tested in the next run, even
if the changes are in different projects. So, supposing project A and B are
completely fine, a failure in project C can still prevent changes in A and
B to go ahead through the pipeline and get released. This cause major
headaches at least to me, requiring me to go again over all the HEAD of the
projects not being published and run yet again “ci re-merge please” again
and again and again until I'm lucky enough to have nobody else merging
patches or having all the ttested patches pass at once. I understand the
need to reduce the amount of executions of the job since it takes an hour
to execute but right now it's stealing days of execution for getting a
patch landing on t ested repo. — SANDRO BONAZZOLA ASSOCIATE MANAGER,

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