Dne 30. 11. 19 v 21:31 Kevin Fenzi napsal(a):
> can't we just point them to the nagios
> page? 

That is great idea. And to have there link to outage calendar as well.

> But how do you map those? 
> Some examples: 
> * If a mirrorlist alerts as down that does not mean the service is down
> to end users. There's another container on each proxy. If a proxy is out
> of dns the alerts for services on it don't impact users. 
> * Tons of services are setup in HA, so if one part of them is down in
> nagios the service is just fine.
> * Sometimes users notice something that isn't monitored by nagios, so
> nagios couldn't report it down.
> * A server alerts and is down, how do you know what services are
> affected?
> So, it sounds to me like you want a better monitoring page to point
> people at? We have been talking about replacing nagios (for years now),
> and perhaps some of the other solutions have a better answer for that... 
> Our intent for status is "This is a list of issues some human knows
> about and is working on" not "something alerted, no idea if anyone knows
> about it or is working on it"

People are not checking status pages when everything is working :)
IMO is is pretty fine to have something yellow (or even red) despite the fact, 
that it seems to operate just fine for
end user.
It just looks bad (and not professional) when something is obviously down and 
status page show nice green flag.

Miroslav Suchy, RHCA
Red Hat, Associate Manager ABRT/Copr, #brno, #fedora-buildsys

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