Hi Fellow Moderators!
Welcome to our newest moderator, Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer. Now with 6 moderators, 3 of which are able visit on almost daily basis, I'm starting to feel like the system is really able to meet its potential.

       (Fyi Everyone, JAKE is now Panda.)

I'd also like to discuss a moderation issue regarding PDFs. There was a recent image, I think it was the map of Europe, uploaded as a PDF. One comment which was posted, along with a vote to delete, was "pdf can contain viruses or get your ip on opening".

While I understand that potentially can happen, PDF is an acceptable format for uploaded resources (whether image or text) in the gallery. So we can't delete them only because they are PDFs.

However, since their contents are not displayed, we must open them, to find out if they meet the CoC guidlines. What would be the best way to get a look at the contents, without risking our personal privacy and/or security?

I'm thinking we should download and run our local security scans, before opening. (Or I suppose there are some free online scanners. Don't have any links right offhand though.) Does anyone know of a better, possibly less time consuming (and memory eating) way to get a safe look at the contents?

All best,

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