I'm running Inline::Ruby on two different linux systems (32 bit centos 64
bit ubuntu) and I'm having the same issue on both.

That being that Ruby modules loaded with require (or load) are not found
without explicit path.

I get a
<LoadError: cannot load such file --  (name from the require)>

error referencing whatever I tried to require.

I'm using require as show in the docs, ex:

 use Inline Ruby;

 my $obj = SomeClass->new;


 # Pretend SomeClass is defined in an external library
 require 'SomeClass'

If I specify the entire path in the require it will work and load, however
this is not practical to do for every gem and its dependencies.

Ruby is 2.4.1 ...

Inline::Ruby does compile fine and pass the make test

thanks for any help I've been unable to resolve this...


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