Hello fellow ITK developers,

I was having linking errors on Windows when compiling a project that was
using the CMake variable BUILD_SHARED_LIBS and setting it to ON when I had
compiled ITK with BUILD_SHARED_LIBS to OFF.
I realized that when ITK gets included and used and when the project using
ITK using the IO factory mechanism, UseITK.cmake uses the variable
BUILD_SHARED_LIBS to set some parameters. I was wondering if instead of
using BUILD_SHARED_LIBS which could have a different value in ITK and the
project I am trying to compile, UseITK.cmake should not use
ITK_BUILD_SHARED instead (which is set when ITK is configured). If I modify
UseITK.cmake to use ITK_BUILD_SHARED instead of BUILD_SHARED_LIBS, the
linking error I was having disappears. Is this a bug or is there a reason
behind that design?


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