== Series Details ==

Series: Support for sustained capturing of GuC firmware logs (rev11)
URL   : https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/series/7910/
State : warning

== Summary ==

Series 7910v11 Support for sustained capturing of GuC firmware logs

Test drv_module_reload_basic:
                skip       -> PASS       (fi-skl-6770hq)
Test kms_flip:
        Subgroup basic-flip-vs-modeset:
                dmesg-warn -> PASS       (fi-skl-6770hq)
Test kms_pipe_crc_basic:
        Subgroup nonblocking-crc-pipe-c:
                pass       -> DMESG-WARN (fi-ivb-3770)
Test kms_psr_sink_crc:
        Subgroup psr_basic:
                dmesg-warn -> PASS       (fi-skl-6700hq)
Test vgem_basic:
        Subgroup unload:
                skip       -> PASS       (fi-kbl-7200u)
                skip       -> PASS       (fi-hsw-4770)

fi-bdw-5557u     total:248  pass:232  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:16 
fi-bsw-n3050     total:248  pass:205  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:43 
fi-bxt-t5700     total:248  pass:217  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:31 
fi-byt-j1900     total:248  pass:213  dwarn:2   dfail:0   fail:1   skip:32 
fi-byt-n2820     total:248  pass:211  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:1   skip:36 
fi-hsw-4770      total:248  pass:225  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:23 
fi-hsw-4770r     total:248  pass:225  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:23 
fi-ivb-3520m     total:248  pass:222  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:26 
fi-ivb-3770      total:248  pass:221  dwarn:1   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:26 
fi-kbl-7200u     total:248  pass:223  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:25 
fi-skl-6260u     total:248  pass:233  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:15 
fi-skl-6700hq    total:248  pass:225  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:23 
fi-skl-6700k     total:248  pass:222  dwarn:1   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:25 
fi-skl-6770hq    total:248  pass:231  dwarn:1   dfail:0   fail:1   skip:15 
fi-snb-2520m     total:248  pass:211  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:37 
fi-snb-2600      total:248  pass:210  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:38 

Results at /archive/results/CI_IGT_test/Patchwork_2691/

14740bb25ec36fe4ce8042af3eb48aeb45e5bc13 drm-intel-nightly: 
2016y-10m-12d-16h-18m-24s UTC integration manifest
a590f8c drm/i915: Mark the GuC log buffer flush interrupts handling WQ as 
a001c3d drm/i915: Early creation of relay channel for capturing boot time logs
af3ee1c drm/i915: Use SSE4.1 movntdqa based memcpy for sampling GuC log buffer
fbbd457 drm/i915: Debugfs support for GuC logging control
656513f drm/i915: Support for forceful flush of GuC log buffer
a68d17f drm/i915: Augment i915 error state to include the dump of GuC log buffer
da8274a drm/i915: Increase GuC log buffer size to reduce flush interrupts
4f24c12 drm/i915: Optimization to reduce the sampling time of GuC log buffer
4739ad8 drm/i915: Add stats for GuC log buffer flush interrupts
2e8c052 drm/i915: New lock to serialize the Host2GuC actions
954e48b drm/i915: Add a relay backed debugfs interface for capturing GuC logs
23a81bb relay: Use per CPU constructs for the relay channel buffer pointers
8fd01d3 drm/i915: Handle log buffer flush interrupt event from GuC
44610d4 drm/i915: Support for GuC interrupts
05ede72 drm/i915: Add low level set of routines for programming PM IER/IIR/IMR 
register set
ffbd48f drm/i915: New structure to contain GuC logging related fields
317ba9e drm/i915: Add GuC ukernel logging related fields to fw interface file
4832507 drm/i915: Decouple GuC log setup from verbosity parameter

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