I'm really enjoying the Intel Skylake graphics in Fedora 24/25 and
Archlinux; thanks for all of the great work.  I remember the old XIG
AcceleratedX drivers from years ago...

I would rather get back to using CentOS on my Skylake development
laptop; Fedora 25 has failed on my twice in two weeks.  And I
understand that the latest Intel graphics stack requires a very recent
kernel/libdrm/mesa/cairo, etc to make that happen.  

I was wondering if anyone on this list has any knowledge of:

1. if it is even possible for Red Hat to back-port support for Skylake
graphics in rhel 7.x?

2. and if it is possible, is anyone here privy to a time line?

There is one "bug" report pending at R.H. stating that Skylake graphics
are not working, so at least they are aware.  They hinted at the 7.3
release; but that didn't seem to happen.

I know it is easy to install a mainline kernel in CentOS, but that
still leaves the other dependencies to contend with.  So should I hold
my breath with R.H.?  Or do you think the rhel 7.x series is just too
far behind to be an option with Skylake graphics?

Thank you,

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