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On Nov 30 2016, at 10:49 pm, Rob Clark <robdcl...@gmail.com> wrote:  

> yeah, {cgit,anongit}.fd.o have been having problems all day.. (the ssh  
git urls for folks who have push access work fine).. although it has  
worked for me a couple times today, given enough time.


> (not sure if we have github/etc mirrors somewhere? I do have a github  
clone of mesa which is up to date as of ~10min ago.. I could do the  
same for other git trees if someone somewhere is stuck)

Sorry about this, it is quite bad. I think having mirrors for the key DRM
trees on GitHub is a good idea though, and I can get to setting that up.
Stephen, you need DRM (airlied), drm-misc, drm-panel, drm-intel, drm-tegra,
drm-exynos and drm-msm, right?


Though, whilst you're at it, I noticed that the drm-misc tree needs updating:
it's now at git://anongit.freedesktop.org/drm/drm-misc, rather than a branch
of drm-intel.




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